For sports betting it is no longer necessary to physically go to a betting point and ask for the card to be printed, but it is sufficient to open an account on one of the main betting sites such as to start betting online in a few minutes fun88

The betting industry is growing. The data for last year show an increase in overall spending for all regions, demonstrating that the desire to try to win money with one’s favorite sporting events is rooted in a large part of the population of our country.

Some people continue to play the physical bet slip, while many have understood the advantages of betting on the internet and are curious to find out which are the best online betting sites that you can rely on to place bets and be sure not to run into any unpleasant scams.

The question that sports and related betting enthusiasts ask themselves most frequently is which are the best betting sites active in Italy. The answer to this question allows you to find out which platforms to trust, which is important considering there is real money at stake.


Currently there are several companies that have received the authorization and that can make available to their members all the necessary tools to bet on the main sporting events in a few minutes. Among these, the leading company , a company that operates both in the digital gambling sector and in the world of sports betting.

Some people love both betting on sporting events and playing at the casino, so it might be a good choice to sign up for a platform that gives you the possibility to do both with a single account and without having to make two registrations, manage two accounts and so on

If you download the appropriate apps you can also do it with your smartphone.

In short, you can be on vacation or away for work and continue to safely apply your game method

With online betting you can play with maximum privacy

Because you don’t have to go to the agency every time you plan to bet, your privacy is safe.

You can play away from prying eyes and then follow your method without others knowing.

To bet a few clicks will be enough and you will not have to leave home or work, arousing suspicion in those who may notice your absence

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