Online Poker Games at Mega 888

Poker is a card game. To play online poker we will first have to install the respective game from play store. There are different types of online poker games. To play a poker game we will require cards which will be the standard international 52 card pack and then we will require players. There should be minimum 2 players and maximum 7 players. Poker is normally played for money. Instead of dealing with hard cash they usually use chips which later are redeemed.

How to play the game:

Players place an initial bet by placing some of their chips in the center of the table which is called pot or pool. The dealer distributes the cards to the players. The players can see their cards and then decide if they would like to continue playing the game as active players or if they want to quit from the mega888 download game which means they forgo their initial bet amount.

The active players continue to contribute equal amount of chips until the end of the betting round. Only in the end of last betting round is the time where in all active players will have to show their cards and the owner of best five cards will take the money from the pot.

Strategies to be applied while playing poker:

Poker is a mind game. Sometimes even if luck is not in our favors but if we use the right strategies there are chances we can win. Main strategies to follow while playing the game is we should be able to bluff as per situation. And when we know that the cards in hand is not so great then it’s better to fold rather than taking a chance and losing.

Points to keep in mind while playing poker:

There are few important points which has to be kept in mind while playing poker online:

We will have to ensure not getting distracted. Usually its observed that while playing online games we tend to do multi-tasking. However, we will have to ensure not getting distracted and will have to remain focused.

We should play on single table and should avoid multi tabling. No doubt that multi tabling offers a lot of advantages to online players and it’s an ideal way to shoot up profits however for a novice player it’s better to play single table and only after gaining experience its advice to opt for playing multi tabling.


Winning a jackpot means winning the largest possible prize in poker. It all depends on the of cards which we have and when we decide to go for a good bet depending on our cards there are chances of winning the jackpot if our cards are best when compared to the active members on the table.

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