In the near-complete absence of any assistance from the Indonesian governmental authorities to protect against criminal interference with online gambling, Online Gambling Agents have been forced to look within themselves for help. There are several bodies set up to counter the vicious onslaught of fraudulent operations by glitzy and fake websites set up only to fleece innocent gamblers. This has created an independent platform which is empowered by common consent to verify, grade and certify the more than 8,000 gambling websites that have sprouted in the Indonesian network since the advent of online gambling, amidst the huge surge of online gamblers of all colors. Presently, the best such watchdog controlling body for Online Gambling of any kind in Indonesia has been reckoned to be, about which more will be discussed below.


There are many advantages which come from playing on the sites listed by Enzibet. The most important of these are as follows:

  • Surveillance & Security: The member Online Agents of Enzibet are subjected to 24/7 continuous surveillance by Enzibet, in the interest of the Players. Call-lines are provided to Players to enable them to contact Enzibet directly at any time, if there is a problem.
  • Ease of Play: Enzibet provides practical guidance to beginners, and also discusses odds with experienced Gamblers who are members.
  • Choice of Games: The various games available on Enzibet’s lists are truly mind-boggling.


  • Mental Attributes: The way the games appeal to intelligence means that not only fortune, but skill plays a good part here. This actually sharpens the Mental Attributes of the participants.
  • Effort, Time and Cost: The fact that this form of gambling can be accessed at any time, from any location which has the proper network strength, saves not only on time and cost of visiting physical Casinos and landlords, it actually reduces the effort significantly.
  • One-To-One Competition: The Rules of Fair Play must be complied with by all registered Online Agents listed by Enzibet. Thus, the Player is guaranteed that he or she will be facing another human Player, not a Robot or Machine.
  • Guaranty of Payment: There is a constant anxiety about whether winnings will be ultimately paid up by a typical site. But Enzibet guaranties that any site listed by them will be forced to make any payment actually due to any gambler.


For any Gambler in Indonesia, or any South East Asian country, is the only way to gamble online.

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