Slots Glossary- What do the features mean?

Slots are becoming quite famous anytime you think about casinos and these are easy for even the non-tech savvy to play and earn money. If you are serious about playing 총판 you have to familiarize yourself with all the commonly held terms in the slot machines and what all they mean.

Terms that you should know

  1. Slot bank machine

A slot bank machine is basically a group of slot machines that are lined up together in rows for players to enjoy with the slot games. All the slots that are arranged together are typically called the slot bank.

  1. Auto Spin

Some of the machines have this feature where it does the spin automatically like as the name is suggesting. You can get an amount on every spin that you are setting and how many spins you are willing to trigger. You have to sit back and watch the reels spinning.

  1. Max Bet

Slots, like minimum bets, have maximum bets as well referring to the maximum amount of money that you are willing to wager on the spin. You will not be able to give any higher bet than the one that you will be placing. And the maximum bet is specific for all slot machines.

Slots Glossary- What do the features mean?

  1. Min Bet

In 총판, min bet refers to the minimum amount of money that you can have per bet or spin. The minimum bet can vary and some for the high rollers can set high amounts that might not be ideal for all to play. Many play slots only intending to have some fun and not winning huge amounts of money.

  1. Wilds

Wilds are mostly there in the modern casino slot machines. These are equivalent to the joker in the deck of cards. There are certain variations on playing wilds and how rules vary from slot to slot. Make sure you understand how to use the wild before entering the game.

  1. Reels

Reels are one word that you will come across in all reviews no matter how it is. Reels are the rows in the slot machine games. Some slots can be seen having five reels, some might have three and some even might have one a single reel.


Knowing all of these rules before playing is essential so go ahead and only then you will be able to win slot games.

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